GBA4E supports the proposed thematic areas
Members of the Global Business Alliance for the Environment (GBA4E) see promising opportunities for constructive discussions, further initiatives, and cooperative action within the three proposed thematic areas for the Fifth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA5). The business sector has a role to play in advancing each of the proposed thematic areas and each would provide an opportunity for business to discuss and showcase its role in promoting environmental stewardship in the context of sustainable development.

In line with the growing consensus, business actors would support a theme related to nature-based solutions in the context of sustainable development.

Nature-based solutions must be collaborative
Indeed, widespread action is needed to protect our planet. Business actors from across the globe are committed to building a sustainable world economy that fosters green growth; by developing efficient, clean, and equitable global products, technologies, and management systems to help a growing population make the best use of the world’s scarce resources.

The business sector would like to stress the importance of collaborative efforts in discussions related to nature-based solutions. A focus on collaboration allows discussions to have a strong implementation focus. Achieving a more sustainable environment requires not only the proper use of the world’s scarce resources but also the active, substantive, and recognized engagement of multiple actors including governments, private sector actors as well as other major groups and stakeholders.

Strong partnerships and collaborative efforts are integral to the implementation of nature-based solutions that sustainably manage water, land, soil, air, biodiversity, minerals and fuels, among others. As noted in the sixth Global Environment Outlook (GEO6) and SDG 17, sustainable development cannot be achieved without global partnerships and a strong commitment to cross-sectoral cooperation.

The private sector is committed to dialogue, cooperative action and partnership with governments, stakeholders and the UN Environment Programme to develop and advance nature protective solutions. A key enabler for business to contribute to environmental sustainability is the establishment of and support for clear regulatory and policy frameworks by governments. Policies that foster nature based solutions must reflect realistic economic and social circumstances.

GBA4E represents multiple businesses across an array of sectors; from agriculture to energy to advanced manufacturing. We stand ready to work with governments, businesses, researchers and civil society to advance the sustainable management of our natural environment and its scarce resources. Our members are already engaged in innovative efforts that preserve nature by enabling energy and resource-use efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, reusing waste, and developing sustainable materials and business practices.

At UNEA5, we look forward to showcasing and advancing the contributions that business is making to protect nature and the environment.

The Global Business Alliance for the Environment (GBA4E) appreciates the opportunity to provide input from business in the lead up to and during the Fifth Session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA5) to be held in 2021.

GBA4E is a self-organized coalition of business actors who have come together to strengthen and augment business’ engagement with the UN Environment Programme and the UN Environment Assembly, and to reflect the important and indispensable role that business plays in matters concerning the environment. At UNEA3, GBA4E organised the first-ever Business Symposium on the theme ‘Businesses Beat Pollution’. At UNEA4, GBA4E hosted its first-ever High-Level Dinner which was attended by over 80 high level guests including Mr. Siim Kiisler, President of UNEA4, alongside Ambassadors, Ministers of the Environment, Permanent Representatives, NGO representatives, UN staff and private sector actors.

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