The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of our lives. As the battle against the health crisis continues, we are all thankful for the medical professionals, public health experts, first responders, and countless others who are on the frontlines of this fight.

From the smallest towns to the biggest cities, in countries across the world, we are witnessing our family members, friends, and neighbors put themselves at risk to help us all.

Some of those people are often unseen and unsung, but they still play a critical role. That includes the men and women in the chemical manufacturing sector. Chemical companies across the world, big and small, have stepped up to donate extra supplies of gloves, masks, or other personal protective equipment to local hospitals. Others are providing volunteers and financial contributions to local community-based relief organizations, religious institutions, and food pantries, for example. And still others are providing large-scale contributions of materials and products to help address the shortage of hand sanitizers; or are ramping up production or even repurposing production lines to create other high-demand products like masks, gowns, and acrylic sheeting.

The surge in demand for those health, hygiene, and safety products represents an unprecedented challenge, but it is one that the people who power the chemical industry have shown they are committed to overcoming. The fact is that chemistry enables countless products that are essential to our lives, especially as we all work together to fight this pandemic.

Thank you to all of those doing what they can to help our communities, countries, and world during this trying time.

Article By: The International Council of Chemical Associations